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Sweet Louis, beloved fiend. You have succeeded in garnering my attention with your destructive behaviour. (smirk) Torching the villa. I must give you my respect for your vicious lashing. The wondrous pride...the anger...that's why I chose you!

You should know I adore you despite my arrogance, cheri. Call it a wall to hide my fragility behind upon gazing at your beauteous face. But this is what makes me Lestat, oui? Impossible Brat Prince and snooty Aristocrat at large. I am, who I am. And a charred maison is not enough to rid yourself of me. I've five other (much more gauche) quarters in the city. (snort)

To make it up to you, I have composed a piece in your honor, on my violin. I call it "Le Fleur Sur De Point Du Lac"


(plays a sombre yet dramatic serenade)
(opens eyes softly)

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