Brat Prince, Lestat de Lioncourt (lestatdl) wrote,
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I Need No Introduction

But allow me to introduce myself, anyway. Bonsoir. I am the Vampire, Lestat. Lestat de Lioncourt. Some, choose to refer to me as "The Brat Prince". Imagine that.

I've been on this pathetic Earth for centuries. And believe me, one becomes relatively BORED after a while. I am constantly on the look out for new ways to amuse myself.


Seems that everyone else had one of these ridiculous things. And with an ego like mine, I REFUSE to be the last literary character without one. At least now, I can't lose my diary to groups of idiotic supernatural psychologists. The internet is also the utmost way to advertise my glorious being. So here, I am.

Ah, Lestat. (grin) Prince, Victorian gentleman, rockstar, and immortal father. I have been many things, cheris.

Worship the beauty of The Brat Prince~as I, have arrived.
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