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I have become strangely infatuated with Armand.

I ran into him in London, in a courtyard, while gallivanting the most posh of theaters. (smirk) His beauty astounds me, his ability to adapt so adequately-so elegantly.

I noticed that he attended my rock concert in Los Angeles. His soul spoke to me, seducing me, intricately tracing my figure lashing violently on the stage. Even there, in front of thousands of adoring fans, I could not pull my gaze from his garnet eyes.

And now I watch you, cher. I feel your lust for me, your thirst for my life. And do not think I failed to read your thoughts regarding my fitted leather pants.

I am sure this displeases him. Such an uppity beast. But ah, je t'adore.

I also took notice of another in my audience. Pale and flawless, with a gentle nose, and mounds of golden ringlets cascading her innocent yet fearsome face. I heard her thoughts to me. "I want some more", she cried.

Ma petite femme.

Daughter of darkness, tiny and articulate porcelain doll. (pompous grin) So, the naughty princess returns to me.

Claudia, did you think I would forget that you killed me so long ago? How you schemed to keep Louis all to yourself? And this, in return for my Dark Gift to you, my care and my teachings?

You irritate me, your very presence irritates me. I should have left you to feed upon SEWER RATS with your "precious amour". (scoff)

But the father in me weeps. I cannot help but embrace you, cherie.

I can imagine your terror to find Louis presently living with Daniel, but such is immortal life. We bore easily. I am sure you know this all to well, oui? If you wish, I will have the servants prepare you a place to rest your head. You may stay with me until you find peace with your emotions.

I offer to make amends, poupee'. Do you trust your so called "Father of Lies"?
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