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I Wish To Be Seen

Since Louis, Khayman and Daniel were gallivanting about here in gay Pari', I decided to crash the gathering. I so loathe not being invited to gatherings. Even if I did do a minuscule thing such as forget the fool's birthdate.

The so called "paparazzi" ran amok, and caught a perfect moment within one their photographs. It was then that I informed Louis "Hello. I forgot your birthdate. But I am here. Where are the sweets?" Notice the core look on Louis' beautiful face. (snicker)

This graced the cover of today's issue of the tabloid "National Inquirer". Sacrement, Lestat. Your media domination has yet begun!
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:laughs: The look on Louis' face is priceless.
C'est vrai, mon ami. (snickers)
Tres amusant, mon ami. You have a truly unique sense of humor. :)
After centuries, you often have little else to keep you sane.



16 years ago

If your bored..or lonely come play with me....(licks fangs)
I shall keep this offer in mind, cherie.

Re: If your..


16 years ago

Ah, you plot to ruin a party, and do not invite me to come along? I am crushed.

But that expression on dear Louis' face is just.. priceless. Tis a pity I missed the action. Ah well, maybe next time.
There will be future events to tend, ma chere. Trust me. (toothy grin)
You know, Monsieur, they have a feature that will remind you when it's someone's birthday?

^_^ It's a lovely tool.
The vampire walks this Earth for centuries. What difference does another birthdate make, really? (file nails)


16 years ago


Monsieur I finally found a hiding place! How dare you crash our party. I swear, sometimes Louis is just so right about you. But, I will say this at least. You sure surprised him mon ami. Well Khayman is annoyed, and I'm on my way back to the States, Louis, is right next to me. I'll drop him off. Or maybe I will just take him with me to Florida, to see my maker. I'll let you know...maybe. Needless to say Louis is agitated as well. But, I seem not to pick faves. I compliment you, Monsieur. You did it in Pure Brat Prince Fashion.

Louis must look beautiful with that pout upon his mouth. (smirk) My work, definitely complete.
You never fail to amuse me lover
You gotta love what you do to Louis sometimes. Myeh, he's a fuckwit anyway, though. A cute fuckwit, but a fuckwit no less.

I wish I had been invited to that party. ::sighs::

My sentiments, exactly.
Bad Lestat, you're so bad. hehe. But I do like that picture.

Miss Lorie
I'd fail to have it any other way, cherie.
I love you. Your behaviour reminds me of me.
If you are at all like moi, je t'aime, aussi.
*cackle* Ah. Spoken with the ego of a true king. *licks lips*
Akasha. (devious grin)
hahahah!!!! i wish i could have been there to witness THAT!!!
Quite the spectacle it was, chere.
I love the frilly sleeves!
Mais oui.


16 years ago


his face is always expressionful...

oh...i wished you took a picture *sigh* next time :D