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Old Friends, New Faces

I plan to return to London's coven of vampires, tonight~for mere old time's sake, as they say. The brat in me aches to encounter that group of pompous vampiric brutes. I crave the challenge, the pretentious war of egos. And I, of course, will come out victorious. (toothy grin)

C'est branlant. Still, my mood softens.

I was awakened today by a warm, wet lick upon my sunken cheek. Grotesque puddles of saliva fell intricately onto my best silk frock. I immediately realized that the culprit was a large, burly dog.

Preciously, it reminded me of a beloved companion back in the days I found peace with Nicolas. I could not help but curiously run my fingers through it's filthed and mangled fur.

Ah, impossible'. That was so long ago. And this is a new age.
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