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lestatdl's Journal

Brat Prince, Lestat de Lioncourt
If you do not know of me, you are not meant to know.

(Fortunately, I am far too proud to pass up the opportunity to babble about myself).

Bonsoir. I am The Vampire Lestat. I am Immortal. The light of the sun, may destroy me. I am six feet tall, and appear as a young mortal man. I have thick blonde hair, almost shoulder length, and rather curly. My eyes are gray, but they absorb colors. I have a short, narrow nose and lush lips that sometimes appear a tad too big for my face. It can look very mean, or exteremly generous, my mouth. It always looks sensual.

I have been around to witness many moons, and I have seen lifetimes pass. No one has experienced this big black world as I, cheris.

When I write, I sometimes drift into vocabulary that was natural to me in eighteenth century France. I also entertain switches of stories within both my books and my films. So I hope you may bear with me when my style is inconsistent.

My vampire nature reveals itself in my white and highly reflective skin.

And I am starved for blood.